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» BKB Code of Conduct
BKB Warhammer Community

BKB Code of Conduct

The number one rule is fun. We all are playing the game for fun and enjoyment.

We respect the right of others to have fun. While friendly ribbing and trash talking is part of a game and are acceptable, insults, racial slurs, and foul language is not allowed on Ventrilo, in game, or on our forums.

We play as a Guild and a work together as a team to achieve our goals and missions. We play together, have fun together, and we enjoy the game together.

Take pride in your Guild and do nothing to tarnish our reputation. If in doubt don't do it is a good guideline. Conduct yourself in a manner that is proper, proud and honorable of a BKB Member.

Respect the BKB tag you have beside your name. Conduct yourself in a way that reflects in a positive manner when non-BKB members are near.

Carry out the orders of the hunting party leaders or other leaders to the best of your ability. If you have a question or a request ask in a polite manner, if you feel there were issues with the request, work on resolving any conflicts.

Be humble in victory, gracious in defeat. Using known glitches, exploits, programming bugs, and cheats are not choices for BKB members and are cause to be removed from the guild..

We follow whom we respect, and appoint leaders in our Guild on the same principle. Never ask others to do what you are unwilling to do yourself.


PVP Policy

We have a strict policy when it comes to PVP and below are the guide lines. Greifing is not tolerated in BKB.

The Following is defined as (but not limited to) griefing:
1 .Use of an Exploit
2 .Killing a player at spawn points
3 .The repeated targeting of a player for attack

BKB will not at any time, tolerate our members griefing any player. Penalties are:
1st Offense a Warning
2nd Offense Removal from Guild


Ventrilo Policy

Ventrilo is for in-game use and game related conversation. Ventrilo is required by ALL members regardless if you have a microphone or not. If you are in the game with a BKB tag and not on Ventrilo you will be removed from BKB. This will be enforced without question.

Language restrictions while using Ventrilo are the same as our forums. PG13 only, keep it clean.

WWII Online Members are required to use the Teamspeak server provided in the secure section of the WWII Online forums.


Forum Policy

If you are here specifically to promote your site or to sell products, you are in the wrong place. Spamming the forums with advertisements is not allowed and will get you banned.

Gold sellers beware. Gold selling posts will be removed completely and immediatly. Your account and IP will be banned without warning for life. Do not try to sell game gold on our forums. This paragraph is the only warning you get.

Flaming or "trolling" is not allowed here. Feel free to debate in our forums. But keep it mature and civilized. These kinds of posts only instigates ill feelings and are undesired and unacceptable. All trolling and flaming posts will be locked or removed.

We believe in free speech. We also believe a conversation or subject can be carried out in a way that is tasteful and child friendly. Free speech isn't a tool to say whatever you want no matter how questionable the subject matter is or who it hurts.

Our forums are rated PG-13. We have younger as well as older members. Keep it clean!

Spamming the boards is not allowed and can get your threads locked or removed. If problems persist your account could get banned.

You may not post links to pirated software or attach pirated software to any post you make. Pirating software is illegal and you take your fate in your own hands if you participate in it, not ours. This statement includes books, movies, TV shows and so on. Furthermore, posts asking for pirated materials will be locked or removed.

Stay on topic! Threads that go off topic will be locked.

If you find your post has been locked or removed completly you have broken one of the above forum rules.


General Guidelines

Verbal harassment of players (Guild member or not) is not tolerated. Role Playing is acceptable, but harassment and degradation is strictly forbidden. Penalties for these types of actions will be the same as for Griefing.

Sexual harassment of players (female or male) is grounds for removal from the guild and possible prosecution by the offended party. Sexual Harrassment is defined as "Unwelcome sexual advances requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual Nature".

Our forums and most online games have an ignore function. Make use of the ignore command, this will block anything the person says to you in game and in the forums. Screenshots from in-game turned in to the senior members of any member verbally attacking a PC will be removed from the Guild..

Police Ourselves: Any member of BKB seeing the Code of Conduct being violated should screenshot the incident (print sceen button on keyboard), and submit it to Guild Leaders.

Hackers Beware! Anyone caught hacking the BKB site will be procescuted to the fullest extent of the local, county, state or international law and damages may be sought for the disruption of this site by these means.

No BKB member with any kind of authority will EVER discipline a member with harsh, aggressive language over Ventrilo or in game. If you are not able to talk to a player about an issue using a polite professional way of communicating, then don’t. Bring it to the attention of another senior member, they will help out or ask someone to help. Members of authority that cannot follow this guideline will be removed from the position or removed from the Guild..

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